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My New Books

The Secrets of the Greaser Hotel

novel: written and illustrated by J Scott Fuqua

Over 100 original graphite illustrations


   The Greaser Hotel is an eyesore even by eyesore’s standards. A long forgotten place, it sits dilapidated and mostly vacant amid a sea of Baltimore vacancies. But this building is much more than it appears. The Greaser Hotel is a place of magic and secrets, peopled by masters of secret-keeping. And soon, for one kidnapped girl, it’s about to be a place she can relagate to her past. The problem is, will the only friends she's ever had—aside from Jerome the cat—suffer worse in her absence?


   The Secrets of the Greaser Hotel is a book about greed, friendship, family bonds and that which lies at the heart and soul of every person. What happens when people desire so intensely that their greed takes on a chilling life-force that, like the color of hair or eyes, can be passed down through generations? Nothing good. Unless, of course, hope and humanity prove to be a more powerful influence than those who would trample it could ever suspect. 

Mighty MT: MT Finds His Voice

graphic novella: written and illustrated by J Scott Fuqua

over 40 original watercolor illustrations


MT is a creative, talented, and imaginative young man whose daydreams provide an escape from the torment he faces at the hand of the school bully, Aaron “Tick” Tickford. Through his dealings with Tick and the courage he summons within himself, he finds his voice… and himself, in this graphic novella for elementary through middle school students.

Medusa’s Daughter

photographically illustrated by Steven Parke

novel, graphic novel, graphic novella


   All that fifteen-year-old Maia Volokos, having grown up in a European traveling sideshow, knows of herself is that her hair has an angry consciousness of its own. Born with writhing ringlets and viperous locks, Maia, has been told for as long as she can remember that she is less than human. But a chance encounter outside a small German town inspires her to seek the dangerous truth about herself and the parents she never knew. In the process, she unravels the lies that have controlled her life since childhood.


   Medusa's Daughter is a journey of self discovery, a thrilling, adventurous flight from hopelessness to freedom and self-empowerment, in the Europe of the 1970s.


   The story is written in three specific formats. Created for teenagers, there's the graphic novella for students with reading issues, a beautiful graphic novel for everyone, and a traditional novel, with each progression presenting more backstory and information about the characters and their world. 

Calvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore:

Flying Through History

graphic chapterbook: written and illustrated by J Scott Fuqua

over 25 full color illustrations


   You think history is boring? Baltimore kid Daniel does--until a chance encounter with a magical talking raven named Calvert sends him flying back to 1814, where he finds his home city under siege by a British army on the verge of defeating the United States of America in the War of 1812.


   Amidst the fire of muskets, the thunder of cannons, and the dark approach of the British armada, Daniel discovers just what it took for a young nation to endure the Battle of Baltimore. He witnesses firsthand the bombardment of Fort McHenry. ''History,''; Calvert tells Daniel, ''is watery.'' And maybe the star-spangled banner won't survive this time.


   Calvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore, the first book of the Flying Through History series, is as close as you can get to the Battle of Baltimore without going back in time yourself. When you're flying through history, history is never boring.

"The Mystery of the Greaser Hotel is an Industrial-Gothic fantasy thriller that kept me turning pages late into the night. Fuqua's finely-drawn pencil illustrations capture the characters and the setting with creepiness and élan."

-Paul Zelinsky author and Caldecott Medal winner

“The breezy tone and plentiful dialogue will draw in readers, and the dramatic, well-executed watercolors add impact to the telling.”

- Booklist



Book of the Year Selection, Maryland Center for the Book

Library of Congress National Book Festival Featured Selection

Added to the Social Studies Curriculum Maryland State School System

Featured title Middle States Social Studies Conference

“Author and illustrator Jonathon Scott Fuqua subtly turns his hero from an overweight victim into an engaging activist."

-The Baltimore Sun

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